Wardley Mapping - Coordinating functions within a PST organisation

Track:Wardley Maps
When:Thu PM-3
OrganizersSimon Wardley Simon Wardley
ParticipantsDinis Cruz Dinis Cruz , Florian Buetow Florian Buetow , Tony Richards Tony Richards

Most organisations have structures in place that can be used to embed mapping whether it’s an architectural group or an office of the CEO or a business relationship function or some other home. The role of the co-ordination function is to encourage compliance to policy (doctrine) often via a spend control mechanism and to enable sharing between the business units through the use of maps. This doesn’t require some big bang overhaul but usually the formalisation of an existing structure e.g. Office of an executive function or an architectural board can be converted into this role. When spend control is used then a policy limit (e.g. £100K) should be set above which any project must be mapped and the map sent to the co-ordination function. The function can then analyse the map, make recommendations and introduce elements of transparency and challenge within the organisation. As more maps are gathered then the function can also identify patterns for common services.


It’s through such a function that other forms of doctrine such as cell based structure, use of Pioneer-Settler-Town Planner along with more context specific gameplay can be introduced into the business units. With your shared services group, then you should aim to populate it with small cells of town planners providing industrialised components. Your business units will tend to become dominated by cells of pioneers and settlers providing custom to product and rental services. Your co-ordination function will mainly become settlers focused on ensuring transparency and learning within the organisation itself. It’s really important that if this is your first co-ordination function (in UK Government this was called Spend Control) that it is staffed by people with experience of “future” ways of operating i.e. you want them to challenge the organisation and pioneers can be useful here.






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