Wardley Mapping - Climatic Patterns and Using Doctrine

Track:Wardley Maps
When:Thu PM-2
OrganizersSimon Wardley Simon Wardley
ParticipantsDave Snowden Dave Snowden , Dinis Cruz Dinis Cruz , Florian Buetow Florian Buetow , Mario Platt Mario Platt , Phil Huggins Phil Huggins , Tony Richards Tony Richards
Remote ParticipantsAvi Douglen Avi Douglen , Manuel Almeida Manuel Almeida , Vinod Anandan Vinod Anandan

Climatic patterns are those things which change the map regardless of your actions. This can include common economic patterns or competitor actions. Understanding climatic patterns are important when anticipating change. Doctrine are the basic universal principles that are applicable to all industries regardless of the landscape and its context. This doesn’t mean that the doctrine is right but instead that it appears to be consistently useful for the time being. There will always exist better doctrine in the future.


You cannot stop climatic patterns from happening though, as you’ll discover, you can influence, use and exploit them.




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