Towards a unified way of describing threat models

Track:Threat Model
When:Thu AM-1
OrganizersSteven Wierckx Steven Wierckx
ParticipantsChris Dobson Chris Dobson , Dave Snowden Dave Snowden , Florian Buetow Florian Buetow , Foteini Karantoni Foteini Karantoni , Jim Newman Jim Newman , Mustafa Kasmani Mustafa Kasmani , Nick Drage Nick Drage , Sean Siford Sean Siford , Steven van der Baan Steven van der Baan , Tom Ling Tom Ling , Wouter de Meijer Wouter de Meijer , Zuhal Vargun Zuhal Vargun
Remote ParticipantsAvi Douglen Avi Douglen , Ethan Schorer Ethan Schorer , Izar Tarandach Izar Tarandach , K R Bard K R Bard , Konstantinos Damianakis Konstantinos Damianakis , Luis Servin Luis Servin , Manuel Almeida Manuel Almeida , Senen Garcia Senen Garcia , Vinod Anandan Vinod Anandan


We need a unified way to describe threat models so they can be compared, easy to understand and easy to keep up to date.


  • Presentation of an SDL to describe threat models
  • What needs to be done?
  • Discussion
  • Call to action


A list of improvements for the SDL.

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