Incremental Threat Modeling

Track:Threat Model
When:Thu PM-1
OrganizersIrene Michlin Irene Michlin , Steven Wierckx Steven Wierckx
ParticipantsChris Allen Chris Allen , John DiLeo John DiLeo , Phil Winstanley Phil Winstanley , Steven van der Baan Steven van der Baan
Remote ParticipantsAvi Douglen Avi Douglen , Ethan Schorer Ethan Schorer , Izar Tarandach Izar Tarandach , Luis Servin Luis Servin , Vinod Anandan Vinod Anandan


Creating your first threat model can be a daunting task. A good way to start is with a simple threat model and then increment until the threat model is “good enough”.


Irene Michlin will introduce a proven method for incremental threat modeling. We will discuss any questions and remarks that might come up from the participants.


This Working Session will publish a document describing a generic way to implement incremental threat modeling.

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