Creating a generic diagram of a threat model

Track:Threat Model
When:Tue PM-1
OrganizersSteven Wierckx Steven Wierckx
ParticipantsEmma Fang Emma Fang , Lauren Chiesa Lauren Chiesa , Steven van der Baan Steven van der Baan , Tony Richards Tony Richards
Remote ParticipantsAvi Douglen Avi Douglen , Izar Tarandach Izar Tarandach , Jonathan Marcil Jonathan Marcil , K R Bard K R Bard , Luis Servin Luis Servin , Vinod Anandan Vinod Anandan

Why & What

We want to create a model of a threat model. It needs to be generic so it fits all threat modeling methodologies. Later we can try to use this model to create graph based websites detailing the different techniques and methodologies as well as linking the examples we will have to these different elements of a threat model.


A diagram describing the elements of a threat model.

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