Mapping OWASP DevSecOps Maturity Model to SAMMv2

When:Wed PM-3
OrganizersTimo Pagel , Sebastien Deleersnyder Sebastien Deleersnyder , Bart De Win Bart De Win
ParticipantsYan Kravchenko Yan Kravchenko , Brett Crawley Brett Crawley , John Ellingsworth John Ellingsworth , Mario Platt Mario Platt , Sebastian Arriada Sebastian Arriada

OWASP DevSecOps Maturity Model activities reference, based on Timo Pagels opinion, to OWASP SAMM activities.

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  • Is the current mapping valid?
  • Some DSOMM activities are not easy to map to SAMM, where should it belong to? (Is it accepted/expected/questioned to have mappings for one DSOMM activity to multiple SAMM activities?)
  • Are the differences of having activities of maturity level 3 in SAMM and in OWASP DSOMM on maturity 1 accepted/expected/questioned?


  • OWASP SAMM team verfies by mapping that no important actvities are missing
  • OWASP SAMM might add references to OWASP DevSecOps Maturity Model
  • OWASP DevSecOps Maturity Model will have a more precise mapping

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