SAMM user session - Introduction

When:Mon PM-1
OrganizersSebastien Deleersnyder Sebastien Deleersnyder , Bart De Win Bart De Win
Participants, Brett Crawley Brett Crawley , Jean-Jacques MOIROUX Jean-Jacques MOIROUX , John DiLeo John DiLeo , John Ellingsworth John Ellingsworth , Mario Platt Mario Platt , Mike McCamon Mike McCamon , Sebastian Arriada Sebastian Arriada , Sebastien Deleersnyder Sebastien Deleersnyder
Remote ParticipantsLars Lars

A general introduction on the OWASP SAMM project. We will discuss the history of the project, give an overview of the current model and discuss some of the challenges leading to the new SAMM v2 model. If you’re not familiar with the SAMM project and want to join other SAMM sessions this week, then this session is for you !

Session Requirements: None.

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