Juice Shop Challenge Refactoring

Track:OWASP Juice Shop
When:Thu AM-1
OrganizersBjoern Kimminich Bjoern Kimminich
ParticipantsArpit Agrawal Arpit Agrawal , Jannik Hollenbach Jannik Hollenbach , Martin Rock-Evans Martin Rock-Evans


The Juice Shop offers 85+ hacking challenges spread across 6 difficulty levels. It is time to review their categories and difficulty ratings for overall consistency and possible improvements.


  • Discuss the need for more (or less?) challenge categories
    • Map to additional existing vulnerability catalogs
  • Discuss the need for more (or less?) difficulty levels
    • Define criteria to map challenges to difficulties more easily (e.g. “Scripting needed?" or “Multi-step attack required?")
    • Map the existing challenge to the aligned difficulty levels


This working session can result in e.g.

  • pros and cons of the current categorization and difficulty rating schemes
  • recommendation for new categories (or ones to be removed/merged)
  • recommendation for changes in the difficulty levels
  • mapping to get from the current state to the proposed new state

The documentation of all the above will be put into (or referred to by) a GitHub issue in the Juice Shop repository.


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