Real world Chaos Engineering

When:Fri AM-1
OrganizersJean-Jacques MOIROUX Jean-Jacques MOIROUX
ParticipantsAdrian Winckles Adrian Winckles , Chris Dobson Chris Dobson , Felipe Zipitria Felipe Zipitria , Foteini Karantoni Foteini Karantoni , Jean-Jacques MOIROUX Jean-Jacques MOIROUX , Sean Siford Sean Siford , Sean Turner Sean Turner
Remote ParticipantsManuel Almeida Manuel Almeida

In this session a collection of real-world security cases will be explored through the lens of the chaos engineering discipline.


In the face of increased speed of system evolution and complexity, systems are becoming harder to trust and have confidence in expecially from a security perspective.

Chaos engineering provides a specific mindset that augments the existing security mindset to provide a basis for automated exploring and discovering of weaknesses before your customers experience them.

This session will show how that mindset can be applied to common, real-world security cases and how, using the Deliberate Practice of Chaos Engineering, improve the entire sociotechnical system to mitigate and respond, and even preempt, these types of weaknesses coming to light.


Through real-world examples of chaos engineering, the attendees will explore recent and organisation-specific security weaknesses and how chaos engineering can be brought to bear on those weaknesses.


Attendees will have explored a wealth of their own, and real-world, use cases and know, through real-world chaos engineering examples, how the chaos engineering mindset and process can provide a new tool for exploring and defeating sociotechnical system weaknesses proactively.


The Principles of Chaos:

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