Customising the Chaos Engineering Toolkit

When:Fri PM-1
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ParticipantsChris Dobson Chris Dobson , Foteini Karantoni Foteini Karantoni , Jean-Jacques MOIROUX Jean-Jacques MOIROUX , Sean Siford Sean Siford

The Chaos Toolkit provides a Universal API for Chaos Engineering experiments that is then used to drive various implementations of chaos-causing and system-state-probing functions.

This session will focus on how the Chaos Toolkit, and the project’s open source ecosystem, can be practically used and extended for DevSecOps concerns to deliver on the needs of automation and collaboration.


Chaos is about introducing learning loops so that trust and confidence in systems can be maintained in the face of constant change.

The Chaos Toolkit provides a free and open source tool and community that can be extended to explore security weaknesses through the chaos engineering discipline.

To implement the necessary chaos-driving and system-probing functions for DevSecOps, the Chaos Toolkit will need to be extended using it’s “driver” extension point. This session will focus on how to so that.


This session will explore, using real code, the ways of extending the Chaos Toolkit to meet DevSecOps concerns.


Attendees will have an excellent grasp of the architecture of the Chaos Toolkit and the various ways in which it can be extended. They will have built one real-world “driver” from scratch themselves and know how to do the same for general-purpose, or even private and specific, real-world DevSecOps concerns.


The Chaos Toolkit: The Chaos Toolkit Universal Open API for Chaos Engineering: Contributing to and Extending The Chaos Toolkit: Extension approaches in the Chaos Toolkit: The Chaos Toolkit incubator for current, real-world “drivers”:

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