DevSecOps Maturity Model (DSOMM)

Track: DevSecOps
When: Tue PM-2,PM-3
Where: Maulden
Organizers (one of participants)
Participants Adrian Winckles Adrian Winckles , Ben Schofield Ben Schofield , Didar Gelici Didar Gelici , Dominik de Smit Dominik de Smit , Felipe Zipitria Felipe Zipitria , Francisco Novo Francisco Novo , Gabor Pek Gabor Pek , Jannik Hollenbach Jannik Hollenbach , Jay Mbolda Yamdjeu Jay Mbolda Yamdjeu , Phil Winstanley Phil Winstanley , Rafael Jimenez Rafael Jimenez , Tony Richards Tony Richards , Wouter de Meijer Wouter de Meijer , Xavier Delgado Xavier Delgado , Zuhal Vargun Zuhal Vargun
Remote Participants André Rainho André Rainho , Konstantinos Damianakis Konstantinos Damianakis , Lars Lars

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