Jira Schemas

When: Tuesday 21st May 2019 6-8pm
Organizers Maeve Scarry Maeve Scarry
Participants David Cervigni David Cervigni

If you're free on the 21st May, 6-8pm, we would love to have you along to an Open Security Summit Working Session revolving around Jira schemas.

The objective of the working group is to discuss the ways different organisations use Jira schemas to map the Security landscape.

We're running this session because it would be a useful exercise to understand what the variances between different schemas are and why, and to provide an opporuntity to work together to determine what the optimum Jira schema could be.


Creating a Graph Based Security Organisation - a presentation presented by Dinis Cruz, which showcases how organisations can use Jira mappings to manage their data and workflows.

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