Jonathan Marcil

Application Security Engineer, Twitch

Threat Modeling Enthusiast. The guy behind the OWASPGLOBAL YouTube Channel.

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TitleDescriptiontypeWhenTimeActing as
OWASP community-docsDocuments related to community outreach promoting OWASP contentworking-sessionTueEve-1organiser
OWASP Media ProjectUpdate project docs and plan the next phase of OWASP Media Projectworking-sessionWedEve-1organiser
Threat Model Cookbook Project (Part 1)Kick off of the OWASP Threat Model Cookbook Projectworking-sessionTuePM-3organiser
Threat Model Cookbook Project (Part 2)Let's add some threat models to the project!working-sessionWedPM-3organiser
TM track introductionIntroduction of the TM track and way of working for this weekworking-sessionMonPM-1participant
Creating a generic diagram of a threat modelCreating a generic diagram of a threat modelworking-sessionTuePM-1participant
TM maturityHow do we measure the maturity of TMworking-sessionTuePM-2participant
Automated Threat Hunting Project Collaboration
Threat pattern librariesStarting the threat model threat model library projectworking-sessionWedPM-2participant
Track closureTrack closureworking-sessionThuPM-3participant

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