Threat Model - Lessons Learned

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Lessons learned

  • Training sessions / user sessions / working sessions / panel session (conversation / AMA)
  • Let’s not wait another year, do more sessions using remote participation
  • We split the content into smaller chunks; each can be a project and people have started two already
    • Call to action to be done on the OWASP TM slack channel
  • Collaboration with DevSecOps project
    • Glossary
    • Content creation for both projects
  • Hands-on training needed
  • Action point for Steven W.:
    • Send a description of all decisions and important info on the slack channel
  • Start with an example or important info so newer TMers can also contribute
  • Schedule smarter, communicate better (especially on the expected knowledge level, tag + explanation), clarify that this is not a conference, it is about creating content
  • Move away from GitHub for participants, sessions etc., keep it as user-friendly/frictionless as possible
  • Ensure sessions can be viewed in different time zones instead of PM-1 etc. (Google calendar)

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