Security Challenges - Analysis, Analogies

January 1, 0001

Description of session

Using the outcomes from Monday’s session, the participants identified some professions or situations that will be useful to steal/borrow ideas from on how to solve our existing challenges.

The organiser picked nine of the characteristics to concentrate on for this session.

  • Asymmetric between us and adversary
  • Auto-didacts - self-taught
  • Blame culture
  • Constant Evolution (speed)
  • Eternal, the game doesn’t end
  • Expert driven, technical experts
  • Imposter syndrome
  • Lack of comparative data to judge who is winning or losing
  • Optimisation Game


Over the course of an hour, the following professions were cited as worthy of further investigation because they matched at least one of the characteristics cited.

  • Counter-terrorism - asymmetric, an “optimisation game”
  • Embriology - auto-didacts because it’s so new
  • Anti-Money Laundering - many characteristics, including “constant evolution”
  • Mechanics - eternal, due to technological development
  • Driving Instructors - auto-didacts, so possibly poor teaching practices
  • Surgeons - expert driven
  • Chefs
  • Law enforcement - especially drug/people trafficking/smuggling
  • Classroom teaching
  • Safety engineering
  • Parenting
  • Stock trading - auto-didacts in certain positions
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Tax ecasion - Asymmetric
  • Technical Support - auto-didacts