SAMM - Model Challenges (Wed)

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Description of session

The group discussed outstanding GitHub issues, including:

  • #123 Restructure Secure Deployment Stream A
  • #124 Revise integrity checks in secure build and deployment
  • OWASP references * Focus on Lab or Flagship projects * They are part of the additional documents, not the core model * Add more details * Name of the project * Version * Other information that makes sense in the project

  • External references

  • SAMM references * Add internal references in the core model, including * Business function * Practice * Stream * Level

  • Contributing to SAMM * Guidance document with some rules and instructions for anyone who wants to use GitHub to contribute. * Thank you, Yan!

Session organiser(s)

Sebastien Deleersnyder Sebastien Deleersnyder , Bart De Win Bart De Win


you ? , Ben Schofield Ben Schofield , John Ellingsworth John Ellingsworth

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