SAMM - Defined Writing Guidelines for Questions and Quality Criteria

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Description of session


  • Grammar

    • Use the active voice
  • Vocabulary

    • Be consistent throughout the model
    • Store your checklists in an accessible location
    • Be specific
      • Instead of having “fully documented processes”
      • Ensure you have enough information to recreate the build
  • Scope

    • If something applies to all questions, say so at the beginning,
      • e.g., These questions apply to all applications in the scope
  • Quality criteria

    • Helps with the roadmap so you can decide what action to take if you do not meet a particular quality check
    • Is aligned with, and supports, the benefit the activity supplies
  • Internal references

    • Do not include references to other stream activities in the question
    • Be specific in the question, use the same concepts and similar wording; have the reference in the text
    • Consider adding a section in the markdown for internal references

The group worked to define one question:

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