Juice Shop Challenge Refactoring

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Description of session

  • Discussed and assessed possible options of re-categorizing, replacing categories with tags, removing any of the ⭐ to ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ difficulty levels.
  • Decided upon staying with the general setup but introducing some new more precise categories, make challenge descriptions clearer and more consistent etc.


Please see https://github.com/bkimminich/juice-shop/issues/1093

Next steps

  • Implement #1093 (but not for v8.7.0 😀)
  • Peer review the Hacking Instructor and its elegant new way of writing tutorial scripts in Typescript
  • Merge the open GSoC PRs and continue with the delivery address feature
  • Get rid of the last remaining “xit” (=disabled) tests
  • Anything new and fancy that you come up with

Session organiser(s)

Bjoern Kimminich Bjoern Kimminich


Arpit Agrawal Arpit Agrawal , Jannik Hollenbach Jannik Hollenbach , Martin Rock-Evans Martin Rock-Evans

Attached materials: