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Description of session

The Tuesday episode of the Hack’n’Code evening session series almost concluded the test repair task, made some code cleanup, made further progress on the Hacking Instructor and the GSoC project, and saw work start on a new beginner-friendly informational feature!


  • Beta testing and further improvements on the “Hacking Instructor”
  • Fixed notifications not properly re-triggering in CTF-enabled customizations
  • Started work on “Welcome Banner” idea to give users who accidentally came across the application some background and link to more information
  • Re-enabled 15 of 17 disabled unit, integration and e2e tests
  • Performed some code refactorings to reduce code smells on CodeClimate

Next Steps

  • Fix or delete the remaining 2 disabled frontend unit tests
  • Merge Hacking Instructor into develop branch to be part of v8.7.0 release
  • Merge develop into master, prepare tagged release, let Travis-CI generate and upload all build artifacts and then publish on GitHub


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