Juice Shop Hack’n’Code (Tue)

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Description of session

The Tuesday episode of the Hack’n’Code evening session series brought several more repaired e2e tests, significant progress on the Hacking Instructor and the GSoC project scope, more consequent spoiler protection and prettier Google search results!


  • The Hacking Instructor (https://github.com/bkimminich/juice-shop/issues/440) was extended and brought closer to production-readiness
  • Work on the GSoC “Feature Pack” project continued, focusing on getting currently open PRs (purchase limits & accounting user role) merge-ready
  • In future the Juice Shop favicon should be shown in Google search results instead of the Angular default icon
  • The infobox spoiling the Gitter & GitHub links to the project will now be hidden based on a configuration property
  • Several e2e and unit tests were repaired and re-enabled, which will benefit the upcoming face-lifting merge

Follow up

  • Peer review the Hacking Instructor and its elegant new way of writing tutorial scripts in Typescript
  • Merge the open GSoC PRs and continue with the delivery address feature
  • Getting rid of the last remaining “xit” (=disabled) tests
  • Anything new and fancy that you come up with

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