Juice Shop Hack'n'Code (Mon)

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Description of session

The Monday episode of the Hack’n’Code evening session series consisted of experimenting with some entirely new ideas, paying back technical debt on the test suites, some i18n improvements, a fundamental change of the Node.js version compatibility and an amazingly simple yet powerful convenience feature!


  • Now supporting Node.js 12.x on Linux/MacOS/Windows including pre-packaged archives
  • Shift-clicking the X in any “Challenge solved!"-notification now closes all open notifications
  • Experimented with tools might bundle Juice Shop with Node.js as a self-installer
  • Repaired and re-enabled temporarily disabled integration tests
  • Integration test job “never failing” issue despite tests failing in CI - fixed

Follow up

  • Further investigating possible options for self-installers
  • Analyze remaining problems of currently still disabled tests
  • Working on issues in GitHub Milestone “Open Security Summit 2019” (https://github.com/bkimminich/juice-shop/milestone/9)
  • Pair program and peer review unmerged GSoC contributions


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Session organiser(s)

Bjoern Kimminich Bjoern Kimminich


Jannik Hollenbach Jannik Hollenbach , Martin Rock-Evans Martin Rock-Evans

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