This document includes headings you may use to describe your session outcomes. Rearrange the headings as necessary to ensure coherence and clarity.

Please use any additional headings that will improve the outcomes.

NOTE: The italic text in this page/document is used for explanation only. Replace it with other useful content.

Outcomes/Deliverables (recommend)

The outcomes are the results produced from a session regardless of the session type. These can be:

  • Diagrams
  • Documents or Books
  • Playbooks
  • Roadmaps (for next meeting)
  • Wiki pages (namely on owasp.org)
  • Code
  • Statement or Position (signed by the Working Sessions Participants)
  • Security Review (or a particular application or api)
  • Lessons Learned

Synopsis and Takeaways (recommend)

Clear and concise. Use bullet points/lists as much as possible.

Identified Questions

The aim of this heading is to record the questions that might trigger follow-up discussions and initiate additional development of the topic covered in the session.

Important Conclusions

Make a simple list of conclusions that were taken at the session.

Working Materials (recommend)

Make a list of references to working materials that were created during the session

References (recommend)

  • Session page : put a link to the session page
  • Summit 2018 session page : put a link to the summit 2018 session page
  • Summit 2018 outcome page : put a link to the summit 2018 outcome page

Additional/External References

Make a bullet list with additional references that might be useful

  • Link 1 Title: URL 1
  • Link 2 Title: URL 2
  • Link 3 Title: URL 3

Session organiser(s)


Stu Hirst Stu Hirst

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